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Hi, I'm Anna 

I'll start with sharing a little bit about my family. My husband and I have been together for 16 years and have been blessed with two beautiful children. We love adventure and spending as much time as we can together, preferably in nature, it just feeds our soul. So how did I get started?

It's pretty simple. I have always had a love for photography, I'll explain more below, And my husband saw it. He supported and encouraged me to pursue my passion, he gifted me the camera I use today and told me to go for it.


Thus my journey began. 


My interest for photography started 16 years ago when I took a photography class in high school. From there I continued different courses varying from video production to media studies, but my love for photos and the idea of having a memory forever began when I was a little girl.

One of my fondest memories would be sitting on the floor with my parents going through photo albums together. Naturally, I always asked questions about the photos that I was too young to remember or that were taken before my time. I would put the stories they told me into a little play and I would get lost in my imagination. 


My Dad always had a camera or camcorder mounted on his shoulder at every family gathering, birthday party or event. He was always making sure to capture everything and I remember watching the excitement and joy he had while doing it. I guess not knowing at the time, this is where my spark came from. 

I now share all those photos of my childhood with my husband and children, telling them the stories behind each one and answering all their questions. We look at photos I cherish dearly of my Dad as he's in Heaven now and we laugh and smile over the moments we thankfully caught on camera. It's this that made me realize having these memories and our stories are even more important.

 Having these photos not only gives us memories but it opens the door to have special undivided time together and to remember our loved ones and to cherish one another.


I now make sure that

I capture my children's stories. 

Every adventure we take, birthday, milestone, sporting event and the random, 

Just because photos, so they can have their memories to one day share with their families. 


I want to do the same for you!

I want to capture all the special moments, milestones and new beginnings so that not only you have these memories forever but so that your stories can be shared generation after generation.

You are investing in so much more than just a picture with me, you are investing in your stories, your loved ones, and your memories that can be retold and shared for a lifetime. 

Thank you for reading my story,

Now let's start capturing yours!



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